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Paris :: Life is a Ticket to the Greatest Show on Earth

  My recent trip to Paris was primed to be an excellent culinary adventure. And, for the short time I was there, I relished every last morsel that crossed my lips.  However, something unexpected struck me.   I experienced one of those magical moments that only come along every once in a while in a […]


San Sebastian :: molecular vs. traditional

  A breathtaking, culturally-rich European city, the culinary capital of Spain with more Michelin stars than any other city, Paris included?  San Sebastian is without compare — especially when it comes to food.  Home of many gastronomic societies, San Sebastian’s food culture is based around gastronomic science and art with a touch of old-fashioned tradition […]


Food Culture: A Barcelona Artisan Market

It’s no secret that Spain, and Barcelona in particular, has a world-renowned gastronomy reputation. What impresses me even more is the way the locals embrace their everyday food and food culture. After a long day exploring the city, we wandered through a dark, narrow alley full of parked scooters and discarded cigarette butts to a […]


Madrid: Parque del Retiro + Biotza

Recently, on one of the few sunny days we’ve had in beautiful Spain, we took advantage of the perfect weather and spent the afternoon wandering through one of Madrid’s local havens.  Amid all the hustle and bustle of every day city life, Parque del Retiro provided a much needed exhale. The park takes its name […]


Madrid: Museo del Prado y Estado Puro

  What a fabulous day two in the glorious city of Madrid.  I have to say, I love it here.  After wandering through the countless inspirational rooms at the world famous Museo del Prado we worked up quite an appetite.  Thanks to the concierge at Hotel Oscar, we stumbled across the street to this chic […]

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