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The 7 Days of Gifts :: Chèvre + Herbes de Provence

  Day 7: If you only have a few minutes, but want to make a big impression, this is a beautiful and foolproof method of making a log of fresh chèvre really sing.  Herbes de Provence is typically made with a dried mixture of savory, fennel, basil, thyme and lavender flowers, creating a magical pairing […]


The 7 Days of Gifts :: Blue Cheese, Lavender + Rosemary-Stuffed Medjool Dates

  Day 5: The perfect gift for the wine and cheese lover on your list, these little seasonal gems are simply pitted and filled with a luscious mixture of award-winning Point Reyes Original Blue, dried local rosemary and a pinch of dried lavender buds.  Tied together with some freshly cracked black pepper, this is always […]


The 7 Days of Gifts :: Salted Chocolate + Cinnamon Bars

  Day 4: Simply put, these are lovely to look at.  Even better, they’re equally delicious and can really be made with any combination of ingredients that you (or the recipient) like.  Dark chocolate and cinnamon is a match made in heaven, especially this time of year.  The dried fruit and nuts add a unique […]


The 7 Days of Gifts :: Sage Brown Butter Roasted Nuts

“It is the act of bringing sustenance or sweetness that communicates caring — and something larger.  It cements our bonds, the chemistry of flour and eggs, butter and sugar making not just a cake, but a community.” – M. Kayal   Among other things, my mom was well-known for the edible homemade holiday gifts that […]


Rosemary, Grape + Parmigiano-Reggiano Focaccia

  My husband and I met back in the glory days of the “dotcom boom”.  San Francisco was abuzz with endless possibilities, a flurry of innovative start-ups, and more money than any recent college graduate should ever be able to get his or her hands on. It was utopia. Still, during all this abundance, our […]

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