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Comforts :: Organic Beef, Root Vegetable + Oatmeal Stout Stew

Precious years were stripped from my life that day, like old varnish from a weathered antique chest.  I can only imagine the look of sheer elation on my face, as we careened into our final destination:  the car rental drop-off in Dublin, Ireland. After much white-knuckle maneuvering through the heart of Ireland’s narrow, windy roads, […]


Five-Spice Chicken + Shiitake Fried Brown Rice

  Vegetables normally come easily to me.  Hearty bitter greens, beets, wild mushrooms, watercress, you name it, I’ll happily eat it.  That is until my unborn child took up residence. Since that fateful day, consuming vegetables has been pretty touch and go.  His/her typical, knee-jerk response is “seriously, don’t even think about it”.  However, I’ve quickly learned […]


Powering Down :: Kofta Curry with Yogurt + Mint

  There’s something to be said about hibernation.  It’s a smart, intuitive act that allows for rejuvenation and sustainability.  So, why don’t human beings follow this intelligent law of nature?  To allow fall and winter to act as a time to slow down, temporarily let go of our incessant need to strive and to plant […]


Book Deals + Pork Chops

  Last week, I received my first inquiry from a book agent! Truth be told, I can’t say I’ve been anxiously sitting around just waiting for this to happen.  While I hope to write a cookbook someday, I often tell myself I’m not ready … just yet. Maybe it’s because I’m not sure I’ve  paid […]


Flamingo Peppers :: Stuffed with Grilled Chicken, Black Beans + Smoked Mozzarella

  If it isn’t glaringly obvious, few things excite me more than a really good food find.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be something eccentric or exotic like, say, grasshopper kidney.  Anthony Bourdain can captain that league.  An heirloom fruit or hybrid vegetable is much more my speed. The Flamingo Pepper, for example, is a […]

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