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A Grey Day + A Bowl of Bisque

  Sometimes silence dances in among all the noise.  If you’re not listening closely enough you’ll miss it, like a midnight train that slowly glides through the night.  It’s a gap in time where all that’s hoped for is a large exhale — a quiet pause.  Nobody quite knows when the next one will come, […]


Lasting Impressions (and a potluck)

  While she barely stood five feet tall, she was a force to be reckoned with.   Full of understated glamour, with her silver hair swept neatly back in a low, tight bun, she lit up the room with her infectious laugh and kind eyes.  She loved her morning grapefruit, fresh from the old tree in […]


Sweet Dumpling Squash, Sage + Parmesan Strata

  The scent of sage and freshly brewed coffee fills the morning air.  It’s still early, but there is already an intoxicating buzz of excitement in the house.  Someone quietly glides around the kitchen in slippers as the dog lets out a loud bark in hopes of swiftly waking everyone else. It is Thanksgiving morning, […]


Little Miracles :: Pear, Provolone + Jalapeño Quesadillas

  I’ve just entered an entirely new world.  A world that I’m not only absolutely paralyzed with fear at times by, but also in awe beyond any form of human expression that I, personally, know exists. We are expecting our very first child in the spring! For those of you who have braved this miraculous […]


Rekindling Friendships :: Thyme-Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup

  My friend Kasey over at Turntable Kitchen recently reminded me of something:  the importance of availability when it comes to friendships.  She succinctly sums this up in her latest post and it really made me think about my own availability, or sometimes lack thereof, for my friends. In the past couple years I’ve experienced a couple […]

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