Monthly Archives: August 2010

Pan-Blistered Cherry Tomatoes with Crushed Garlic + Fresh Herbs

  My kitchen counter has been happily dotted with an array of juicy, brilliantly-colored organic cherry tomatoes all season. Like most summers, I’ve incorporated these gems into many of my favorite dishes.  Besides eating them right off the vine in my backyard, this is one of my favorite ways to simply showcase the season’s quintessential […]


Turkish Coffee Popsicles with Guittard Chocolate Powder

These heavenly adult popsicles were created with the dreaded 3pm slump in mind.   Since school is just about back in session, it’s time to pamper yourself after a long summer full of trips to the pool, camp, ballet class and the beach with a creamy, cardamom-infused coffee pick-me-up. Since these take a while to […]


Baked Eggs with Golden Tomatoes, Corn + Green Chiles

  I often dream of owning a small, ridiculously quaint restaurant on a rugged coast somewhere with a huge organic garden in the back.  Since I have roots on both coasts, I’m not entirely sure it really matters where.  Heck, it could even be in another country, for that matter. Geography aside, my dream restaurant would need […]


Toasted Quinoa with Grilled Summer Squash, Cherry Tomatoes + Ricotta Salata

  A mysterious grain to some, quinoa (“keen wa“) has often been referred to as the “mother grain”.  I believe this originated from the Incas who held quinoa to be immensely sacred.  During the European conquest of South America, the hearty little grain was abhorred by the Spanish colonists as food for Indians and even forbade the […]


Crostini with Figs, Pt. Reyes Blue Cheese, Caramelized Onions + Balsamic-Berry Reduction

  Fresh figs and blue cheese — to me, this is one of the ultimate flavor combinations.  That is, unless you add slow-roasted, sweet caramelized onions and a drizzle of aged balsamic-berry reduction.  The salty, sweet combination in this tiny bite bounces off your taste buds like the ball in a pin ball machine — […]

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