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Three Onion Soup with a Smoked Mozzarella + Thyme Crouton


“Anyone who tells a lie has not a pure heart, and cannot make a good soup.” -Beethoven Onion soup is one of my favorites.   I have fond memories of my uncle Bob — a very big man — standing over a cutting board, teary-eyed, delicately slicing onion after onion for his famous onion soup. […]


Fennel + Thyme Crusted Cod with Meyer Lemon, Oil-Cured Olives & Black Forbidden Rice

Cooked cod1

  Forget spring cleaning.   There will be plenty of time to thoroughly organize, dutifully purge and wholly shine the winter-beaten windows. For now, it’s all about the collision of food as winter makes its hasty exit and spring breathes new life into everything … literally.       The highlight of this dish, wild […]


Point Reyes Blue Cheese + Candied Blood Orange Tartine

Artisan Cheese Displayblog

  Just in time for the 5th Annual California Artisan Cheese Festival this weekend, this simple tartine (a French open-faced sandwich) highlights one of our favorite local producers, Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company. Their award-winning blue cheese exhibits a great deal of complexity attributed to the lush, organic grass their Holstein cows graze on, the thick coastal fog […]


Baked Tart Apples with Oat-Darjeeling Crumble + Honey-Cardamom Cream

With all the recent news about Japan, it’s tough not to be overwhelmed with a tremendous sense of gratitude these days. The other night I found myself wrapped in cozy clothes after a long soak in the tub. The late-winter rain was steadily beating upon my rooftop and a fire cast a warm amber glow […]


Simple Sides :: Sugar Snap Pea Chiffonade with Black Pepper + Parmesan

Sugar Snap Pea Chiffonade1

Sugary sweet and ultra crisp, these morsels — tucked neatly into their brown paper bag — often don’t make it past the boundaries of the farmers’ market.  Too tempting to resist in that very moment, they rarely ever become anything other than who they are in all their naked glory.   This is the very reason I […]

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