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Raw Golden Beet Ravioli with English Pea Purée + Herb Oil

The mastermind behind Real Sustenance, Brittany Angell, recently created an event for the month of April featuring health-boosting raw foods.   April in the Raw is a compilation of over 30 recipes designed to help clear the mind, ward off free radical damage, increase immunity and boost energy.   Here’s my raw interpretation of a dish loved […]


Strawberry, Kiwi + Basil Granita with Peppered Balsamic

  The ruby red juice dripped down the side of my arm creating a sticky trail of luscious spring essence.  It made me laugh, like I was 8-years-old again. Every year, it’s the same.  After that first intoxicating bite of a lush, candy-like strawberry, eaten recklessly over the kitchen sink, I’m obsessed.       This […]


Inspired Brunch:: Eggs in a (Grilled Red Onion) Basket

Egg in the hole, toad in the hole, cowboy egg, egg in a blanket, egg in a frame, moon egg, bulls-eye egg, tinker toast and one-eyed jack. Everyone seems to have a different name for this whimsical dish (and rightfully so).  It doesn’t feel right not to name such a classic comfort food after something […]


DIY :: Handcrafted Organic Fresh Chive Butter

  Someone at Straus Family Creamery woke before 4a.m. to milk the well-cared for cow to make this luscious chive butter.  So, while handcrafted, I must give credit where credit is due.  A hefty apron was sported to make this, but there were no braided pig-tails or tall rubber boots.  Like ricotta cheese, fresh butter is one […]


Herbed Chicken + Pea Shoot Salad with Tangerine-Honey Vinaigrette

Warm chicken salad2

  The humble pea shoot seems to garner a great deal of affection.   We recently asked our readers how they like to prepare these delicate tendrils and found ourselves flooded with response.  From a quick sauté with olive oil and garlic to studding a fluffy frittata, people seem to adore this ultra-sweet first taste […]

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