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Curried Corn and Coconut Soup with Lobster, Tomato + Tarragon Salad

  Many people rebel against serving soup in the summer.  I get it.  It’s oppressively hot, and the very thought of turning on any part of the stove makes you want to throw yourself against a thorn-covered brick wall (figuratively speaking, of course). On the flip side of the argument, how about the obscene amount of fresh […]


Garlic Prawn Kebabs + Sticky Chili Dipping Sauce

He glared down at the pristine, coral-colored salmon sashimi that was just placed in front of him with dismay. “This looks good, but where’s the ponzu sauce I ordered with it?”  He whimpered. It didn’t take long for me to fully comprehend the critical importance of sauce when it comes to my husband and his […]


Summer Starter :: Baked Figs with Honey + Lavender, Pistachios + Parmesan

They all tuck in close, as if engaged in a football huddle ready to strategize their next vital move.  A great deal of preparation and anticipation brings each and every fig together serendipitously.  It is clear, this is their moment. As the amber honey slowly drizzles down their ebony backs, and the crushed lavender buds […]


Introducing Saffron Lane 2.0 | Peach + Saffron Fizz

  It’s been a little quiet around Saffron Lane for the past couple of weeks.  That’s because I have been working away to create a fresh new design complete with simpler navigation, improved architecture and a reinvented concept I hope you’ll really enjoy. It gives me great pleasure to announce Saffron Lane 2.0! Every element […]


7 Compound Butters to Elevate Your 4th of July

Last Fourth of July I hosted a dinner party and incorporated one small trick into the menu that received rave reviews.  It’s an oldie, but definitely a goodie when it comes to grilling:  compound butter. Very easy to make with endless possibilities, a compound butter is simply softened, unsalted butter with additional ingredients creamed in. […]

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