Monthly Archives: November 2011

Kale Salad with Balsamic Red Onions, Pine Nuts + Chèvre

I know what you may be thinking.  Raw kale salad?  Um, no.  But, thanks. As we all know, sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.  After a few days of total Thanksgiving indulgence (yes, I ate enough stuffing for six large men), I was ravenous for nutrient-dense, fiber-rich food.  Kale is always one of those […]


Sweet Dumpling Squash, Sage + Parmesan Strata

  The scent of sage and freshly brewed coffee fills the morning air.  It’s still early, but there is already an intoxicating buzz of excitement in the house.  Someone quietly glides around the kitchen in slippers as the dog lets out a loud bark in hopes of swiftly waking everyone else. It is Thanksgiving morning, […]


Five-Spice Chicken + Shiitake Fried Brown Rice

  Vegetables normally come easily to me.  Hearty bitter greens, beets, wild mushrooms, watercress, you name it, I’ll happily eat it.  That is until my unborn child took up residence. Since that fateful day, consuming vegetables has been pretty touch and go.  His/her typical, knee-jerk response is “seriously, don’t even think about it”.  However, I’ve quickly learned […]


Little Miracles :: Pear, Provolone + Jalapeño Quesadillas

  I’ve just entered an entirely new world.  A world that I’m not only absolutely paralyzed with fear at times by, but also in awe beyond any form of human expression that I, personally, know exists. We are expecting our very first child in the spring! For those of you who have braved this miraculous […]

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