Monthly Archives: January 2012

Cure What Ails You :: Satsuma + Blood Orange Sparkler

It’s been one of those weeks that seem to fly by in the blink of an eye.  Yesterday, much of my diet consisted of granola by the handful.  There wasn’t even time for any milk, much less a spoon.  Granted, it was homemade granola with plenty of sunflower kernels, flax seeds, and flaked coconut, but […]


A Grey Day + A Bowl of Bisque

  Sometimes silence dances in among all the noise.  If you’re not listening closely enough you’ll miss it, like a midnight train that slowly glides through the night.  It’s a gap in time where all that’s hoped for is a large exhale — a quiet pause.  Nobody quite knows when the next one will come, […]


Lasting Impressions (and a potluck)

  While she barely stood five feet tall, she was a force to be reckoned with.   Full of understated glamour, with her silver hair swept neatly back in a low, tight bun, she lit up the room with her infectious laugh and kind eyes.  She loved her morning grapefruit, fresh from the old tree in […]


A Time to Thrive :: Noodles with Crab + Citrus-Chili Oil

  A friend recently reminded me that happy people are often grateful, while ungrateful people tend to look at life from a “glass half empty” perspective.  I’m guilty of both.  Sometimes I believe the realist in me needs to see life for its misgivings — that this somehow helps anticipate the bumpy road ahead, work […]

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