Monthly Archives: February 2012

White Chocolate-Cardamom Bar with Coconut + Limequat Zest

  I’ve taken a little time off recently.  Sometimes my days feel full of tasks that I’m able to do mindlessly, but rarely take inventory of how they’re actually working for me.  Social media is a good example.  While I’ve met some really amazing people and made connections I wouldn’t have access to otherwise, I […]


Comforts :: Organic Beef, Root Vegetable + Oatmeal Stout Stew

Precious years were stripped from my life that day, like old varnish from a weathered antique chest.  I can only imagine the look of sheer elation on my face, as we careened into our final destination:  the car rental drop-off in Dublin, Ireland. After much white-knuckle maneuvering through the heart of Ireland’s narrow, windy roads, […]

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