Turkish Coffee Popsicles with Guittard Chocolate Powder

These heavenly adult popsicles were created with the dreaded 3pm slump in mind.   Since school is just about back in session, it’s time to pamper yourself after a long summer full of trips to the pool, camp, ballet class and the beach with a creamy, cardamom-infused coffee pick-me-up.

Since these take a while to set, plan on making them early in the day or the day before you’ll need them.


  • 4-5 cups freshly brewed organic coffee*
  • 5-6 cardamom pods, seeds removed and crushed
  • 2 cups organic cream or soy milk
  • 2-3 tablespoons honey
  • 1/8 cup Guittard chocolate chips, finely crushed

*note – add the crushed cardamom seeds to the coffee before brewing


Combine the cardamom-infused coffee, cream and honey.  Pour mixture into popsicle molds or 2 oz cups and place in freezer for 1 1/2 hours.

Remove from freezer.  Once somewhat set, insert popsicle sticks and dust the top of each popsicle with chocolate powder, pressing the chocolate gently to set.  Place back in freezer for 3-4 + hours until completely frozen and set.

Remove from molds and serve immediately.


{makes 8}


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[…] Turkish Coffee [46]: Made with freshly brewed organic coffee, cardamom pods (seeds removed and crushed), organic cream or soy milk, honey and Guittard chocolate chips (finely crushed). From Saffron Lane. […]

[…] Turkish Coffee Popsicles with Guittard Chocolate Powder| Saffron Lane […]

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