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Simple Summer Sides :: Roasted Petite Red Onions + Cherry-Balsamic Glaze

Michigan is the “cherry capital of the world”.  Well, at least to its residents it is.  I can say that with authority as my late grandfather, Steve, would proudly hoist me on his broad shoulders each summer to grab a sweet taste of the very best.  Our summer cherry adventures were typically just the two […]


Strawberry, Kiwi + Basil Granita with Peppered Balsamic

  The ruby red juice dripped down the side of my arm creating a sticky trail of luscious spring essence.  It made me laugh, like I was 8-years-old again. Every year, it’s the same.  After that first intoxicating bite of a lush, candy-like strawberry, eaten recklessly over the kitchen sink, I’m obsessed.       This […]

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