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Baked Molten Eggs with Truffle Cheese, Lobster Mushrooms + Garlic Chives

People seem to have very serious opinions about how best to enjoy truffles. One common denominator appears to be to keep things simple.  And, there is a distinct preference when it comes to truffle products.  Truffle oil doesn’t always do it for most aficionados but something like truffle cheese, with shards of truffle studded throughout, […]


Nibble :: Willow White Breakfast Bonbons

  Last night my husband and I had a rather hilarious discussion about what to name these. Breakfast balls?  Hmm.  Although it made us giggle like a gaggle of school girls (don’t really know why, now that I say that out loud), it didn’t quite fit. One thing we did know is that we both […]


Polenta Cakes with Balsamic Mushrooms, Egg + Snipped Chives

  Eggs and I have a very tight bond.  They’re always there in a pinch to offer comfort, kick-start my morning and to pique my creativity in so many ways. In the winter, I love to serve them with crispy, savory polenta cakes formed from leftover soft polenta, typically made for a luxe braise from the night […]

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