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Sweet Dumpling Squash, Sage + Parmesan Strata

  The scent of sage and freshly brewed coffee fills the morning air.  It’s still early, but there is already an intoxicating buzz of excitement in the house.  Someone quietly glides around the kitchen in slippers as the dog lets out a loud bark in hopes of swiftly waking everyone else. It is Thanksgiving morning, […]


Baked Molten Eggs with Truffle Cheese, Lobster Mushrooms + Garlic Chives

People seem to have very serious opinions about how best to enjoy truffles. One common denominator appears to be to keep things simple.  And, there is a distinct preference when it comes to truffle products.  Truffle oil doesn’t always do it for most aficionados but something like truffle cheese, with shards of truffle studded throughout, […]


Torched Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cakes

  Nothing says “I love you” like oatmeal.  Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch for some, but I can guarantee there will be no complaints about this brown sugar torched version. And, although it looks as if you slaved to make something extra special, it couldn’t be simpler. If you don’t have a kitchen […]


Polenta Cakes with Balsamic Mushrooms, Egg + Snipped Chives

  Eggs and I have a very tight bond.  They’re always there in a pinch to offer comfort, kick-start my morning and to pique my creativity in so many ways. In the winter, I love to serve them with crispy, savory polenta cakes formed from leftover soft polenta, typically made for a luxe braise from the night […]

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