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White Chocolate-Cardamom Bar with Coconut + Limequat Zest

  I’ve taken a little time off recently.  Sometimes my days feel full of tasks that I’m able to do mindlessly, but rarely take inventory of how they’re actually working for me.  Social media is a good example.  While I’ve met some really amazing people and made connections I wouldn’t have access to otherwise, I […]


The 7 Days of Gifts :: Salted Chocolate + Cinnamon Bars

  Day 4: Simply put, these are lovely to look at.  Even better, they’re equally delicious and can really be made with any combination of ingredients that you (or the recipient) like.  Dark chocolate and cinnamon is a match made in heaven, especially this time of year.  The dried fruit and nuts add a unique […]


Dark Chocolate-Dipped Calimyrna Figs with Crystallized Ginger + Pistachio Dust

  Every now and then nothing satisfies my sweet tooth better than a rich, dense wedge of flourless chocolate cake topped with a spoonful of ultra fresh whipped cream.  Thankfully, I just purchased a new spinning bike and feel more than okay to indulge in something like that after a long, strenuous ride. For those those other times, here’s […]

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