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The 7 Days of Gifts :: Organic Sugar + Chai Tea Body Scrub

  Day 6: While still completely edible, this sugar and spice body scrub is intended to polish and pamper the recipient resulting in a head-to-toe glow.  Be sure to package in an airtight glass container and refrigerate until ready to give away (or, in my case, use blissfully for yourself!). Loaded with all things nice […]


The 7 Days of Gifts :: Blue Cheese, Lavender + Rosemary-Stuffed Medjool Dates

  Day 5: The perfect gift for the wine and cheese lover on your list, these little seasonal gems are simply pitted and filled with a luscious mixture of award-winning Point Reyes Original Blue, dried local rosemary and a pinch of dried lavender buds.  Tied together with some freshly cracked black pepper, this is always […]


The 7 Days of Gifts :: Spiced Pear Galettes + Honey Cream

  Day 3: A galette is a term often used in French cuisine and refers to a flat, free-form, flaky tart.  A rustic dish, it can easily be filled with either sweet or savory ingredients.  In this version, local pears are tossed in a mixture of spices, reminiscent of the holidays.  The crust is buttery […]


The 7 Days of Gifts :: Citrus, Earl Grey + Vanilla Compote

  Day 2: Deep amber in color and ultra-rich, this compote is delicious drizzled over yogurt, freshly made ricotta cheese, ice cream, waffles or a very tall stack of pancakes.  You may also consider serving it on a festive holiday cheese board, especially alongside a blue, triple cream or goat cheese.  Whatever your preference, try […]


The 7 Days of Gifts :: Sage Brown Butter Roasted Nuts

“It is the act of bringing sustenance or sweetness that communicates caring — and something larger.  It cements our bonds, the chemistry of flour and eggs, butter and sugar making not just a cake, but a community.” – M. Kayal   Among other things, my mom was well-known for the edible homemade holiday gifts that […]

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