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Well-Dressed :: 4 Vinaigrettes for Stylish Summer Entertaining

It was an unbearably hot summer day.  A stripped down, wearing next to nothing, lounging carelessly in the pool kind of day.  When the time came to take a break from the sweltering sun, I slowly meandered up the deck stairs in search of a cold drink.  In true form, my mom was in the […]


Baked Eggs with Golden Tomatoes, Corn + Green Chiles

  I often dream of owning a small, ridiculously quaint restaurant on a rugged coast somewhere with a huge organic garden in the back.  Since I have roots on both coasts, I’m not entirely sure it really matters where.  Heck, it could even be in another country, for that matter. Geography aside, my dream restaurant would need […]


From the Archives :: Stone Fruit Carpaccio with Vanilla Bean Syrup + Ginger Cream

  With only one week of summer left, this recipe is too good not to pull from the archives.  Try it while you can still get your hands on some luscious stone fruit! :: This is one of those recipes that can be equally satisfying made for one or presented on a humongous platter for a […]

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