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Slow-Roasted Peaches with Lavender + Honey

  When I first met my husband he subsisted on deli turkey, boiled broccoli and canned peaches.  Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but he did love his canned peaches. Still a running joke between us today, I thought these slow-roasted organic peaches with crushed lavender buds and organic honey might take him back to the […]


From the Archives :: Stone Fruit Carpaccio with Vanilla Bean Syrup + Ginger Cream

  With only one week of summer left, this recipe is too good not to pull from the archives.  Try it while you can still get your hands on some luscious stone fruit! :: This is one of those recipes that can be equally satisfying made for one or presented on a humongous platter for a […]


Dark Chocolate-Dipped Calimyrna Figs with Crystallized Ginger + Pistachio Dust

  Every now and then nothing satisfies my sweet tooth better than a rich, dense wedge of flourless chocolate cake topped with a spoonful of ultra fresh whipped cream.  Thankfully, I just purchased a new spinning bike and feel more than okay to indulge in something like that after a long, strenuous ride. For those those other times, here’s […]

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