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Rosewater Whipped Yogurt + Pluot-Star Anise Compote

What a whirlwind summer this has been. A couple weeks ago, C and I took a road trip down to LA to visit my younger brother and celebrate his younger brother’s 40th birthday.  It was a rowdy bash, full of Mai Tais, Margaritas and blaring music.  We also saw my sister-in-law who recently finished treatment […]


Raw Golden Beet Ravioli with English Pea Purée + Herb Oil

The mastermind behind Real Sustenance, Brittany Angell, recently created an event for the month of April featuring health-boosting raw foods.   April in the Raw is a compilation of over 30 recipes designed to help clear the mind, ward off free radical damage, increase immunity and boost energy.   Here’s my raw interpretation of a dish loved […]


Three Onion Soup with a Smoked Mozzarella + Thyme Crouton


“Anyone who tells a lie has not a pure heart, and cannot make a good soup.” -Beethoven Onion soup is one of my favorites.   I have fond memories of my uncle Bob — a very big man — standing over a cutting board, teary-eyed, delicately slicing onion after onion for his famous onion soup. […]


Quick Fix Marinade :: Spicy Oregano Chicken

California can get a bad rap in the winter.  Most of us don’t get to experience snow days, or snow blowers, for that matter.  So, while we are able to splash around in brightly-colored rain boots for the majority of the season, we tend to miss out on a lot of the wintry fun. One […]


Toasted Quinoa with Grilled Summer Squash, Cherry Tomatoes + Ricotta Salata

  A mysterious grain to some, quinoa (“keen wa“) has often been referred to as the “mother grain”.  I believe this originated from the Incas who held quinoa to be immensely sacred.  During the European conquest of South America, the hearty little grain was abhorred by the Spanish colonists as food for Indians and even forbade the […]

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