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Loving your Style :: Summer Melon + Feta Salad with Raspberry-Infused Aged Balsamic Reduction

  I’ve always had a secret love affair with watermelon.  In the summer, you’ll usually find a whole watermelon with the top sliced off perched on one of the shelves of my refrigerator.  Unlike most civilized people who carve the sugary melon into realistic portions to eat, I just take a spoon to it.  And, while […]


Flamingo Peppers :: Stuffed with Grilled Chicken, Black Beans + Smoked Mozzarella

  If it isn’t glaringly obvious, few things excite me more than a really good food find.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be something eccentric or exotic like, say, grasshopper kidney.  Anthony Bourdain can captain that league.  An heirloom fruit or hybrid vegetable is much more my speed. The Flamingo Pepper, for example, is a […]


Rosewater Whipped Yogurt + Pluot-Star Anise Compote

What a whirlwind summer this has been. A couple weeks ago, C and I took a road trip down to LA to visit my younger brother and celebrate his younger brother’s 40th birthday.  It was a rowdy bash, full of Mai Tais, Margaritas and blaring music.  We also saw my sister-in-law who recently finished treatment […]


Slow-Roasted Peaches with Lavender + Honey

  When I first met my husband he subsisted on deli turkey, boiled broccoli and canned peaches.  Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but he did love his canned peaches. Still a running joke between us today, I thought these slow-roasted organic peaches with crushed lavender buds and organic honey might take him back to the […]


Raw White Corn + Radish Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

Sometimes early summer corn is at its best raw, cut straight from the cob and left in its most natural state.  This tangy, fresh salad highlights the sweet, juicy, kernel and is impossibly simple to whip up.  Just make sure to buy the freshest, organic corn you can find. Recipe adapted from Nick Fauchald Ingredients 3 tablespoons […]

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