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Flower Power :: Red Raspberry, Elderflower + Hibiscus Tea Gelée

  I’m trying to adopt an attitude of fun this summer.  A Bryan Adams, Summer of ’69, kind of fun. As an adult, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in responsibilities and forget the whole notion of what summer stands for.  Long bike rides, lounging at the beach, wearing bright colors, picking fresh fruit and wildflowers, […]


Grilled Lemon Verbena Chicken Kebobs + Caramelized Spring Garlic

  Isn’t it funny how food evolves? In the 17th century, lemon verbena was used primarily to impart a clean, lemony scent to perfumes and cosmetics.  A cheaper impostor, also known as lemongrass, come along and lemon verbena was laid off from the world of beauty products. Since then, it has played a leading role […]

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