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Nibble :: Willow White Breakfast Bonbons

  Last night my husband and I had a rather hilarious discussion about what to name these. Breakfast balls?  Hmm.  Although it made us giggle like a gaggle of school girls (don’t really know why, now that I say that out loud), it didn’t quite fit. One thing we did know is that we both […]


Baked Tart Apples with Oat-Darjeeling Crumble + Honey-Cardamom Cream

With all the recent news about Japan, it’s tough not to be overwhelmed with a tremendous sense of gratitude these days. The other night I found myself wrapped in cozy clothes after a long soak in the tub. The late-winter rain was steadily beating upon my rooftop and a fire cast a warm amber glow […]


Cocktail Hour :: The Darjeeling Darling

  Sometimes my profession requires me to concoct slinky elixirs from unique, high-quality ingredients. Trust me, it’s an incredibly tough life (insert hand swiftly wiping sweat from brow here). One of my latest projects is an exciting collaboration with a new friend, Wendy, who owns an amazing, local tea company, Longevité.  She offers only hand-plucked, artisanal world teas. […]

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