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Seduced by Endive: The Sweeter Side of the Notoriously Bitter Vegetable

There are generally two sides to every story.  The same rule applies to many foods.  The interpretation of the truth lies in the palate of the person enjoying the food in question.  And, sometimes, the verdict can change. My palate picks up on bitterness immediately.  It sends in the troops alarming all critical functions to […]


Chocolate Bark with Cardamom, Apricots + Pistachios

  This is one of those recipes everyone should have in their arsenal.  A bold statement, I know.  But it’s simple beyond belief, absolutely stunning to look at and tastes pretty mouth-wateringly sophisticated, too.  Quick enough to pull together in a pinch, yet definitely gift-worthy — Deborah Madison, you have a winner here. You know […]


Dark Chocolate-Dipped Calimyrna Figs with Crystallized Ginger + Pistachio Dust

  Every now and then nothing satisfies my sweet tooth better than a rich, dense wedge of flourless chocolate cake topped with a spoonful of ultra fresh whipped cream.  Thankfully, I just purchased a new spinning bike and feel more than okay to indulge in something like that after a long, strenuous ride. For those those other times, here’s […]

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