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Five-Spice Chicken + Shiitake Fried Brown Rice

  Vegetables normally come easily to me.  Hearty bitter greens, beets, wild mushrooms, watercress, you name it, I’ll happily eat it.  That is until my unborn child took up residence. Since that fateful day, consuming vegetables has been pretty touch and go.  His/her typical, knee-jerk response is “seriously, don’t even think about it”.  However, I’ve quickly learned […]


Herbed Chicken + Pea Shoot Salad with Tangerine-Honey Vinaigrette

Warm chicken salad2

  The humble pea shoot seems to garner a great deal of affection.   We recently asked our readers how they like to prepare these delicate tendrils and found ourselves flooded with response.  From a quick sauté with olive oil and garlic to studding a fluffy frittata, people seem to adore this ultra-sweet first taste […]


Simple Sides :: Sugar Snap Pea Chiffonade with Black Pepper + Parmesan

Sugar Snap Pea Chiffonade1

Sugary sweet and ultra crisp, these morsels — tucked neatly into their brown paper bag — often don’t make it past the boundaries of the farmers’ market.  Too tempting to resist in that very moment, they rarely ever become anything other than who they are in all their naked glory.   This is the very reason I […]

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