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Loving your Style :: Summer Melon + Feta Salad with Raspberry-Infused Aged Balsamic Reduction

  I’ve always had a secret love affair with watermelon.  In the summer, you’ll usually find a whole watermelon with the top sliced off perched on one of the shelves of my refrigerator.  Unlike most civilized people who carve the sugary melon into realistic portions to eat, I just take a spoon to it.  And, while […]


Fine-Tuning :: Peach, Basil + Golden Tomato Gazpacho

Much like the economy, life has its ups and downs, detours, roadblocks and periods of time where massive growth occurs.  If we’re lucky, we’ll experience moments where we’re able to take full inventory and fine-tune.  With even more luck, we’ll be able to go through a complete process of reinvention on a path to greater […]


Summer Starter :: Baked Figs with Honey + Lavender, Pistachios + Parmesan

They all tuck in close, as if engaged in a football huddle ready to strategize their next vital move.  A great deal of preparation and anticipation brings each and every fig together serendipitously.  It is clear, this is their moment. As the amber honey slowly drizzles down their ebony backs, and the crushed lavender buds […]


Well-Dressed :: 4 Vinaigrettes for Stylish Summer Entertaining

It was an unbearably hot summer day.  A stripped down, wearing next to nothing, lounging carelessly in the pool kind of day.  When the time came to take a break from the sweltering sun, I slowly meandered up the deck stairs in search of a cold drink.  In true form, my mom was in the […]


Strawberry, Kiwi + Basil Granita with Peppered Balsamic

  The ruby red juice dripped down the side of my arm creating a sticky trail of luscious spring essence.  It made me laugh, like I was 8-years-old again. Every year, it’s the same.  After that first intoxicating bite of a lush, candy-like strawberry, eaten recklessly over the kitchen sink, I’m obsessed.       This […]

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